What’s going on here?

Although Nigel’s beard looks grey, it is surely a trick of the light

Nigel Booth is a barrister with more than twenty years’ experience in criminal law. Ever since his career began, he has been prosecuting and defending driving cases and dealing with situations where someone’s licence is at stake. With this website and his Handbook “How Do I Avoid A Driving Ban?”, Nigel aims to make the disqualification regime easily comprehensible to everybody. Know where you stand with straight-talking explanations of when you are at risk of disqualification and penalty points and – importantly – how to avoid them.

The disqualification and penalty points system established by the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 has a strange mystique about it. As a consequence, people think it is more complicated than it really is. The Handbook “How Do I Avoid A Driving Ban?” demystifies it all, and is now at Amazon.co.uk here.

The Handbook covers these essential topics, all in a perfectly manageable 60 pages or so:

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