Updates: 6 “Special reasons”: Can I avoid disqualification, endorsement or penalty points?

6.02    Find Schedule 2 here.

6.10     The legal reference for Whittal v Kirby is [1947] 1 KB 194. The “KB”stands for King’s Bench Law Reports. I’m afraid I’ve not been able to find a case report that is accessible without a paid subscription. NB: Sometimes you will find ‘Whittall’ spelled with one ‘l’, sometimes with two. Interestingly, and quite by chance, I came across this article from a 1975 edition of Commercial Motor Magazine which summarises the effect of Whittall v Kirby. The summary shows that the law on special reasons, and the way it is different to avoiding disqualification under the “totting” law,  hasn’t really changed in 40-odd years.

6.39     Section 44 is here.