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Welcome to the Members’ Area of Here you will find handy links, extra material and updates for my book “How Do I Avoid A Driving Ban”, all arranged in paragraph number order to match the paragraph numbers in the chapters of the book. Everything easy to find.

You’ll know that the handbook “How Do I Avoid A Driving Ban?” encourages you always to look first at the all-important Schedule 2 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. Easily find Schedule 2 here.

The Handbook is now on here. Chapter updates will be available shortly right here in the Members’ Area.


1 Am I at risk of being disqualified?

2 Where do I stand if my offence carries obligatory disqualification?

3 Where do I stand if my offence carries discretionary disqualification?

4 Totting

5 Penalty points and fines

 6 “Special reasons”: Can I avoid disqualification, endorsement or penalty points?

7  “Grounds for mitigating”: Can I avoid disqualification?

8 General power of the court to disqualify as punishment for any criminal offence

9 Specific power of the court to disqualify where a motor vehicle was used in connection with a criminal offence

10 Interim disqualifications

11 Suspending your disqualification if you appeal your case

12 So I’ve been disqualified – but can I apply to get my licence back early?

13 Can I cut the length of my disqualification by taking a course?

14 New drivers who clock up 6 points in the two-year probationary period