“Drunk driver sprays deodorant in his mouth in attempt to fool police” – not recommended!

“Officers saw Mr Mencia-Ramirez ‘spraying Axe body spray in his mouth when [the deputy] approached, to cover the smell of alcohol on his breath’, the police report states. They also found him at the wheel with an open can of beer between his legs and nine empty cans on the floor. Another was open and full and one remained unopened.” […]

OK, I know this is a bit ‘geeky’…

Came across an article just now from the 11th April 1975 edition of “Commercial Motor Magazine”. You can see the original publication reproduced online by clicking right here. What it shows is that the basic laws of special reasons and exceptional hardship, both perfectly legitimate ways to avoid a driving disqualification, haven’t really changed in at […]

Are you sure your comprehensive cover lets you drive other cars?

“In the past, cover for driving other cars was included on comprehensive policies by most insurers, giving motorists third-party cover to drive vehicles not listed on their insurance. But a number of providers will now only offer this kind of cover if you specifically ask for it – and you’ll have to fork out more money […]